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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Close-Knit Friends

I must have got such an overdose of knitted jumpers as a kid that I have been avoiding buying knitwear for a long, long time. And although an amazing new batch of knits were all over the autumn winter catwalks, that alone wasn't enough to get me hooked.

It was mostly due to a postal near-incident, and a subsequent double order that I ended up with four new pairs of shorts (in addition to a few pairs I already owned), and to make the best use of them, had to start eyeing up long, cozy, chunky cardies as decent office/winter cover-ups.

And so a whole new world opened up before my eyes. Classic longlines, cocoon, shawl and waterfall cardies, maxi-shrugs, tunics, dresses, jumpers, gilets, kimonos, options are virtually endless. So here's a bit of inspiration on how to wear knits with shorts, with an edit of the cutest pieces that not only get the GreyCatte HighStreet seal of approval this festive season, but are bound to be your new best friends for the big Christmas chill-in.

Never stop playing dress-up, and enjoy your holidays!


              Topshop, £150                    Asos, £46                    New Look, £22

              Zara, £50                    Topshop, £48                    Topshop, £45

               Asos, £55                  Miss Selfridge, £36                 Asos, £48

        Miss Selfridge, £36              New Look, £23                 Topshop, £40

         Wal G at Topshop, £49    Dorothy Perkins, £35      New Look, £23

           Topshop, £45                    Topshop, £40                    Topshop, £38


                        Asos, £32                   Asos, £30            Vero Moda, £30

                     Zara, £50                     Oasis, £38               Topshop, £65

            River Island, £35               Topshop, £48               River Island, £35

                     Zara, £50                  Mango, £43               Asos, £22


        Dorothy Perkins, £45            New Look, £23             Miss Selfridge, £70


             River Island                New Look, £28                     Asos, £36


                   Asos, 30                          Zara                        Asos, £30

                                     New Look, £23           Dorothy Perkins, £32

                     Zara                           Zara, £50                    Zara, £36


              Asos, £42                       River Island                            Zara

    Apricot at New Look, £24   Dorothy Perkins, £32   Closet at Dorothy Perkins, £35

        Dorothy Perkins, £32          New Look, £25           Wal G at Topshop, £35

           Dorothy Perkins, £30                Zara                 Dorothy Perkins, £30

           Topshop, £35                    Topshop, £38                   Topshop, £35


                      Asos, £36                                   Asos, £36

                              New Look, £23                   New Look, £23

                       River Island, £30                           River Island, £35

images: websites of brands as shown, except Mango and Vero Moda, where the images are from Asos' website.
image 1:

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