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Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy August23g

GreyCatte wishes you a violently happy August 23!
It's been exactly six months, and it's my birthday.
Go have fun ;D

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Clogs, Summer To Winter, Part Two

It all started at the shows of spring/summer 2010. Or did it?

In this second part, we will be checking on Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton and a multitude of affordable versions as we look through sandals, half-closed shoes, courts and boots.


                    Jimmy Choo, £255                               Topshop, £50

            Kurt Geiger, £120 (sales: £89)                       Topshop, £40

                        Miu Miu, £315                              River Island, £64.99

                 Swedish Hasbeens, £129                  Asos, £95 (sales: £29)

           Kurt Geiger, £120 (sales: £69)                        Topshop, £86

                         Dune, £75                                      New Look, £25

Half-closed sandals and courts

                  Louis Vuitton, £645                                  Clarks, £40

                           Kurt Geiger, £130                             Next, £50

                       Louis Vuitton                                Topshop, £72

                   See by Chloé, £195                        Aldo, £60 (sales: £34.98)

                    Kurt Geiger, £130                                  Topshop, £60


        Marc by Marc Jacobs, £287                    River Island, £74.99  

               Opening Ceremony, £294                    River Island, £64.99

                  Ugg Australia, £235                                   Asos £110

              Opening Ceremony, £329                            Dune, £90

                          Dune, £85                                          Next, £55

   Swedish Hasbeens, £265         Schuh, £89.99                    Asos, £110

                        Asos, £110                              River Island, £74.99

    Marc by Marc Jacobs, £352             Next, £60                     Topshop, £125

              Swedish Hasbeens, £240                    Topshop, £75

                     Topshop, £150              Asos, £95          Topshop, £150

Clogs, Summer To Winter, Part One

It all started at the shows of spring/summer 2010. Or did it? I remember clomping and stomping around in my white buckled leather sandals as a kid, probably to the delight of all the neighbours. Clogs - we are talking footwear that has grown out of traditional Swedish clogs here, not those bizarre, fully wooden Dutch ones - have been around, loved and hated for a long time, and now they are back in all shapes and sizes, or rather, heights. Chanel, Céline, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu have covered the basic shapes we are - and will be - seeing on the high street.

In this first part, for inspiration, we will look mostly to Chanel and Céline, as we look through heeled mules, slingbacks, peeptoes and slip-ons.

I still need to figure out what to make of the trend but, fond memories already made me place an order for two pairs of summer sandals in the spring pre-season. What I will steer very clear of, quite obviously, are the high heeled mules, that is, the most typical piece of the whole trend. But there is a little something for everyone, making it easy to add a piece or two to your personal collections.

How do you wear them, then? Well, you just pair them with any of your basics, like you do with other shoes. Think pencil skirts, skinny trousers and skinny cargo pants, aviator, military or biker jackets, or use them to toughen up any otherwise softer or more understated look.


                       Chanel, £650                               Dune, £85 (sales: £34)

                       Kurt Geiger, £190                          New Look, £20 

           Swedish Hasbeens, £135                             Clarks, £40

                      Ralph Lauren, £250                         River Island, £49.99

                            Dune, £60                                    Topshop, £85

                           Aldo, £85                       Dorothy Perkins, £40 (sales: £25)

                              Asos, £113                                Clarks, £40
                              Dune, £60                           New Look, £40 (sales: £20)

                      Chanel, £850                                      Topshop, £68
                        Dune, £85                               New Look, £29.99 (sales: £20)
                      Aldo, £60                                    Dune, £80 (sales: £54.98)

                      Dune, £85                                Clarks, £49.99 (sales: £24.99)

                       Chanel, £650                          New Look, £24.99 (sales: £20)

Slingback and peeptoe mules / sandals / slip-ons

                           See by Chloé, £215                        Ash, £130

                              Asos, £130                              Topshop, £80

                          Céline, £650                                    Dune, £85

                         Kurt Geiger, £140                 Dorothy Perkins, £40 (sales: £30)

River Island, £54.99, and £34.99