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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bags Of Style

I know, I know! I could, and possibly should have written this post on satchels about eight months ago, when it was the next big trend, to be there when it started with Mulberry's Alexa, catapulted to It-Bag status by Miss Chung herself.

But, what's not done is not done and, had I done my homework back then, I would have definitely not covered the spring beauties cropping up all around us with heartwarming pops like flowers in a meadow. Eeek, if we were in a cartoon, that is.

As for styles, you've got vintage, two tone, slouchy, structured, boxy, mini, hippy, saddle, summer, ladylike, boyish (or unisex), in all colours and prints, but prominently in florals, stripes, spring block colours and neutrals.

How do you wear them, then? With anything and everything! Grab a satchel to toughen up a girly look, to smarten up a casual look, and to balance out a ladylike look. Or, go slightly over the top when it comes to formal dressing, unless... you opt for the Cambridge Satchel Company's latest bold or fluoro lovelies, this girl's best (as yet invisible) friends.

For just a pinch of designer inspiration, look no further than Mulberry (the Alexa including mini and oversized, the Tillie, the Edie, the mini Darla, the Gracie, the Somerset or the Mila), or go straight for vintage, it's that season.


 Cambridge Satchel Co, £105            Asos, £20                    New Look, £24.99

Dr. Martens, editions limited to 350 in each colour, $190

  Dr. Martens, editions limited to 350 in each colour, $190

              Asos, £70                   Dorothy Perkins, £18       Dorothy Perkins, £28

          New Look, £19.99               Dorothy Perkins, £15         Mango, £89.90

     Cambridge Satchel Co, £139       Mango, £69.90             Mango, £69.90

             New Look, £15                    Topshop, £38                Zara, £49.99

  Cambridge Satchel Co, £139            Asos, £45                Dorothy Perkins, £18

 Cambridge Satchel Co, £120            Asos, £75                        Asos, £30

             Warehouse, £65              Miss Selfridge, £28           Topshop, £48

      Cambridge Satchel Co, £139       Topshop, £38                Oasis, £22


    Cambridge Satchel Co, £139        Topshop, £50          Miss Selfridge, £25

     Cambridge Satchel Co, £112         Topshop, £50             Topshop, £45


                    Cambridge Satchel Co, £85              Asos, £60

                   NW3, £179                    Topshop, £38              Topshop, £50

 Cambridge Satchel Co, £100     Dorothy Perkins, £15               Asos, £70

                         Mango, £199.90                        Mango, £60 

                             Zara, £7.90                          Mango, £70

Cambridge Satchel Co, £90 to £120   Asos, £65  Cambridge Satchel Co, £85 to £100

                        Miss Selfridge, £22                New Look, £7.99


      NW3, £199                         Diesel, £199                      NW3, £199

               Reiss, £245                New Look, £29.99          Dorothy Perkins, £25

                   Zara, £80                    Topshop, £55              Topshop, £32


         Miss Selfridge, £50            Asos, £30                   New Look, £15

                  Mango, £35                       Topshop, £36              Topshop, £35

            Zara, £60                     Mango, £69.90                  Miss Selfridge, £30

       Miss Selfridge, £50               New Look, £25                Miss Selfridge, £35

             Topshop, £40               Topshop, £30                    Zara, £60


        Topshop, £55                    Zara, £50                        New Look, £25


              Asos, £30                      River Island, £37                    Asos, £30

           Zara, £40                       New Look, £19.99             Dorothy Perkins, £28

             River Island, £40                    Oasis, £28                  River Island, £37

          Dorothy Perkins, £12            Oasis, £16               Miss Selfridge, £22

            Mango, £30                 Miss Selfridge, £20                Mango, £30

                  Asos, £15                           Mango, £35          Dorothy Perkins, £12

images: websites of brands as shown, except River Island, NW3, Reiss, Diesel, Cambridge Satchel Co, where the images are from Asos' website.

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