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Monday, 1 November 2010

Oh, those capes...

Some say capes are tricky, I say they are not. It's just that it's been too long since they last graced our wardrobes - or rather, the wardrobes of our mums, that we feel we venture into uncharted territory just checking them out in stores.

Actually, I do recall wearing a rain cape (in transparent blue PVC) as a little kid. It wasn't particularly comfy given the fabric, but it would look almost chic now, could I miraculously find it or somehow fit into it.

But enough of memory lane for now. What can we wear capes with? Let's see... 1970s wide leg trousers, bootcut or flared jeans, tapered trousers, cigarette pants, skinnies, leggings, skirts and yes, with shorts too. As for colours this season, pairing camel with navy, cream, black, grey, including stripes, is fool-proof. Finally, team your own combos with ANY shoes or boots you happen to own, et voilá, you're good to go.

Just a quick tip - if you are worried you're being forced into a straitjacket, stick to your size (do not go for smaller), and pick one with pocket-like slits on the sides for more freedom of movement.


              Asos, £70                           Asos, £75                   Miss Selfridge, £85

                               Topshop, £95               Dorothy Perkins, £65

                                   Zara, £40                            Zara, £99

                                   Zara, £80                                         Topshop, £85

                       Dorothy Perkins, £65                       Zara, £60


        Dorothy Perkins, £65            River Island, £60              Warehouse, £90
                Asos, £80                         Topshop, £75               Topshop, £80

               Asos, £80                         Asos, £75                        Asos, £70

                              Zara Girl, £40                         Warehouse, £65

                            New Look, £40                              Zara, £80
                     Topshop, £85          Zara, £99               Oasis, £75

                Asos, £70                       New Look, £28                  Topshop, £85


           Topshop, £85                     New Look, £28                   Topshop, £85

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